All you should know about your baby’s parts caring

Your baby is the most precious treasure of your whole life. Therefore, each mother wants to give her baby the best things such as best pack and play (Read more about product review here). Besides, being a mother, you also need to pay attention to each part of your baby such as Navel, Nose, Hair, etc. This article will give you the fundamental knowledge of taking care your baby’s parts.

best pack and playNavel

Clean it daily with a cotton swab moistened with warm water. Never use alcohol. Go carefully about his umbilical cord. Do not be afraid, it will not hurt him. Then dry the baby’s navel with the other end of the cotton swab to ensure that this area remains clean and dry. Repeat after bathing.

Make sure that the layer of your baby is folded below his navel so that it does not rub it. Let his navel to the air if the weather permits.

Your baby’s cord is partially attached and there are some traces of blood? Do not worry. It is important not to pull the cord, even if it is partially detached. When he is fully healed, it will fall by itself. This usually happens at the 5th day 20th day after birth.

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What makes a gaming chair better than other chairs ?

A gaming chair has numerous benefits over an ordinary chair. Moreover, a ultimate chair is also used for watching TV, working in office and for several other purposes. With such benefits, the sale of gaming chairs has increased manifolds. There are some extra-ordinary features of gaming chairs which are also one of the major reasons behind the success of a gaming chair. Let’s have a look at some of the features of a gaming chair which makes it a much better option than ordinary chairs.

comfortable gaming chair

Ample space to make yourself comfortable

  • No matter whether you are going for a gaming chair with or without stand, there might be ample space to make yourself comfortable. Gaming chairs with stands must have armrests and a swivel base whereas gaming chairs without stands must have ample space to place your arms and heads with ease. So, no matter which gaming chair you choose, you must ensure it has ample sitting space.

Must check the sound features

  • If you are looking for gaming chairs especially for gaming purpose only then you must check the sound features. Gaming chair which is specially designed for gamers allows the user to use headphones. You can connect your headphones to your gaming chair and experience the best sound experience. There are several other sound features such as sub woofers, bass controls and much more, so do look out for these features in a gaming chair.

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What to look for in a blender

In these recent years, blender has become an familiar appliance to many families. A blender can not only emulsify fruits for smoothies, whip eggs, mix foods but also chop vegetables and other substances to make soup, even crush ice and grind hard ingredients as coffee beans… There are two kinds of blenders available on the market: countertop blenders and immersion blenders.

Countertop blenders are heavier and more stable than immersion blenders, but usually stronger. A stationary blender include a container with rotating blade upon a base. It typically has 3-16 speeding options that increase the utility for various tasks.

Blender 1Immersion blender are the more compact ones which have motors on top connected to rotating blades. The convenient design enables you to use blender with any container. This kind of blender is a reasonable choice for cooks who move a lot resulting from its very compact size and being easy to use with just a few steps. In particular, immersion blender can be clean quickly by putting the blade into water, then turn it on 2-3 times and trapped food particles will be wiped away.

If you still consider purchasing what types of blenders, perhaps my experiences following are helpful.

1. Brand

The first thing you should notice is the brand and origin of the blender. Blenders from top brands are more durable, reliable with better warranty service. Some popular brands you may see are Philips, Electronux… presenting products with advanced technology.

Blender 22. Blender container material

Almost all of the blender carriages are made of plastic or glass, sometimes stainless steel. Each type of material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Glass container seems to be elegant, stable, easy to clean, odourless, and you won’t need to worry about scratches. However, because it is glass, it is more fragile and tends to be heavier.

Plastic container is considered to be the most popular. It is much lighter, cheaper, more durable, but scratching and absorbing odour of foods.

Stainless steel may be less common material than glass and plastic. Nevertheless, its durability and luxury look is deniable. The only drawback of this kind is that you can’t see inside the blender jug.

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Life will getting better if you spend free time travelling and get experience. An important thing that can’t be ignored is the way you choose your travel luggage.

A suitcase is a smart and sturdy choice for you which can survive airline baggage checks.

1. Firstly, we must pay attention to suitcase’ material.

We have two types of choices: plastic, polycarbonate and soft nylon or ballistic nylon. They will give you both advantages and disadvantages depend on things you choose.

travel luggageA hard shell provides nice protection, but in some cases if it’s cracked or dented, it can’t be repaired to continue using. Plastic is an example, it will crack in an easy way. Polycarbonate is less likely to crack and lighter than plastic, but it’s prone to dents.

The second type of material, Soft nylon and Ballistics nylon bags are not only can be smoothly put into tiny places but also easy to repair. It’s a good choice for you as going by many different ways of transportation. Compared to Soft Nylon, Ballistic nylon seems to be hardier and denser. It’s hard to dye so usually found in dark colors such as black or navy,…

2. Secondly, you should consider about suitcase size.

There 3 main types of suitcase size you must know when choosing for yourself the best luggage suitcase :

  • Cabin size ( about 55cm x 40cm x 20cm): permitted to handed into airplanes cabin.
  • Medium size ( about 70cm x 45cm x 30cm) : suitable if you have a 6 – day – trip.
  • Large size ( about 80cm x 50cm x 35cm) for a long trip, about 2 weeks for example..

Both Medium size and Large size must be consigned.

3. What about the handles?

You should drag in and out the handles many times when choosing your suitcase. If it remains smoothly and gives you a sense of certainty then you can be assured. The best choice for handle’s material is stainless steel.

4. Wheels are very important!

travel luggage 1Now, you can choose between two – wheeled or four – wheeled suitcase. It’s difficult to assert which one is more convenient for you. Because the quality of wheel often depends on the value and the brand of your suitcase. It is advised that you should choose 4 wheeled type for a large one which has heavy luggage. But if you has a short trip, the 2 wheeled one is much more rigid and useful.

5. Don’t forget the Zippers.

Metal zippers give you an expensive look but it can be snag easily. You should choose a dust-tight, watertight zipper for a hard suitcase.

6. Finally, we must care about the cost of your suitcase.

There are many brands of luggage suitcase at present that you can consider. Remember, the most expensive one is not the best choice for you. I will suggest some brands: Ricardo Beverly Hills, Samsonite, Cosas United, Roncato, Carlton,…

Here comes 6 tips of choosing a good luggage suitcase for you, wish you always have a wonderful trip!

How to choose a good mixer?

One of the most necessary tools you should not forget to start your “baking career” is a mixer. Because many of us used to whip eggs or make batter by hand but it was really time consuming and the result didn’t meet our expectation. When purchasing a mixer, you can be confused at the great number of mixers. There are two kinds of mixer: hand mixer and stand mixer. You ought to think about what way you will prepare foods then decide which kind of mixer can match best. A hand mixer is a reasonably priced product with compact design that is easy to use for quick and light tasks like beating eggs, butter…

mixerIn contrast, a stand mixer is more expensive but certainly more powerful, this kind of mixer suits cooks making bread better.

Depending on your cooking style and the kind of foods you prepare, you should consider purchasing a hand mixer or a stand mixer. Thus I’d like to share some experiences to select an effective mixer.

1. Funtion

Once you buy a product, the first thing you will notice is how it will be used. So, what is a good mixer? A good mixer should have at least 5 mixing speeds to control easily.

A mixer usually has 5-7 mixing speeds from low to high that can be used in various purposes. The more speed options a mixer has, the more control you are given. The high speeds should be used for thick batter, dough or something needs only a little time such as coffee, milk… the low speeds are suited well for whipping cream, eggs… as they can help avoiding splattering.

mixer 22. Material

Material is an important criterion to consider whether that mixer is a good one since material has direct effects upon not only our health but also the mixer durability and lifespan. In my opinion, the mixer which has high quality material like plastic and stainless steel is the ideal.

3. Handle and power

Another criterion you should at a mixer is its handle. Make sure that you can hold the mixer comfortably. A mixer with convenient handle will help you reduce the mixing time

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